A Yoga Dance Video To Be Inspired By


If you are feeling down and stuck in a rut, check out this new “yoga dance” video by Spanish clothing retailer Oysho. The video features a series of flowing yoga poses, combined with modern dance movements, and shot in a large, open-air industrial studio filled with natural light. It’s the perfect antidote to those gray, dreary days when you’re struggling to find the energy or motivation to practice yoga.

Oysho is a premium women’s clothing brand with a range of clothes, including underwear, lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. Oysho has been a contributor to the yoga community by not only sponsoring several instructional yoga videos, but by also providing a collection of trendy, functional, and affordable yoga apparel, like their new collection featured in this video.

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The video’s catchy tune will have you moving to the beat, while the fun, inspirational dance moves infused with several yoga poses will inspire you to get on your yoga mat. It incorporates beautiful dance movements with several yoga poses, like mountain, goddess squat, dancer, wild thing, wheel pose, and others.

Check out the short 50-second video below:

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